Covid-19 Trends in South Africa

Effective Reproduction Number

All the Covid-19 data are curated and verified by the DSFSI. Thus, there is a delay from the data announced by the various government departments.

To find out how fast Covid-19 is spreading, we can calculate the Effective Reproduction Number (Rt) as the pandemic progresses. This number tells us, on average, how many people each infected person is likely to infect.
For as long as Rt is above 1, the virus is spreading rapidly. The challenge is to get Rt below 1 to stop the spread.
This website provides up to date Rt charts for the country, provinces, districts and subdistricts (where data is available). Only areas with significant spreading will be shown.

With enough applied knowledge we can beat the virus!

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Download the COVID Alert SA app

  • Google and Apple teamed up to provide a shared platform to track the spread of Covid-19 around the world, called COVID-19 Exposure Logging.
  • The Department of Health's COVID-19 Alert app makes use of this platform to implement a track and tracing solution.
  • Via Bluetooth, the app will alert you if you have passed someone that had Covid-19 in the last 14 days.
  • All data is anonymously collected, processed and stored. You are identified only with a unique identifier on the platform.
  • With experience in data security, the author of this website cannot endorse a better solution!

Breakdown of Complete Covid-19 Data

Breakdown of Daily Covid-19 Data